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A stairway.
By the end of the hall I'm near a metal door.
I read, an Elevator.
I press the red button
The doors open automatically
A perfektly good-looking man is inside.
His smile is letting me in.
"Going up?"
I hod and come in, order the 3d floor.
The doors close heavilg, the car twitches, moans
And starts crawling up.
"Enjoying?" the stranger questios.
I shrug nesitatingly.
Then he adds,
I bought it recently for an old car.A wonderful
unit, it is. An elevator is more profitable in all
respects. Needi' no garage.Gotta'ave less fuel.
Bein' always at hand as well...Here's my advice -
buy it! Buy the way'he dropped his voice, not a
simple one, it is. It's female...
That's when the doors slide apart open and I
rush out without hearing why it's female.
But for so long joyful hooting could be heard from
behind my back.

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